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Becky Stevenson (BSc Hons, MSc, SRD) is a registered and sports accredited dietitian. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association, and their interest group Dietitians in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and a member of British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). She is also an experienced paediatric dietitian and a member of the BDA paediatric group.

Becky set up Pro-Activate Nutrition to provide an expert nutrition advice service to sports people and individuals with active lifestyles. Through her own interest in sport she appreciates the importance of sound nutrition in sporting performance and health.

Becky brings to pro-activate her unique skills of working within the catering industry for several years and has gained experience working and organising catering for mountain bike events. She has worked within nutrition and dietetics for 10 years in London and is a highly specialised dietitian working in the field of sports dietetics and childhood nutrition. She has experience of working with road cylists, triathletes, soccer and rugby players at professional and amateur level and provided advice to a top UK sports school. Becky is an experienced lecturer, she writes regular nutrition articles to sports magazines, has presented research at international conferences and made an appearance on SKY TV news during 2004 Olympic Games.


  • Accredited Sports Dietitian, BDA and DISEN
  • Post Graduate Diploma Dietetics, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • MSc Nutrition and Physical Activity, University of London
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Human Nutrition, Leeds Metropolitan University
"Pro-activate are a freelance nutrition consultancy that provides expert advice to sports people and individuals with active lifestyles."
Becky Stevenson
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